Industrial Truck Models in Simscape

Simscape enables engineers to optimize the design of industrial trucks, including boom lifts, scissor lifts, forklifts, and other equipment for elevating people and moving goods. You can tailor Simscape models to your exact design and explore the entire design space. Use the examples linked from this page to refine design requirements, design control algorithms, and test controller software without relying on hardware prototypes. MATLAB apps help you configure models to test for compliance with government regulations.

Model Industrial Trucks Using Simscape

Top 10 Use Cases

  1. Refine mechanical loading requirements for static and dynamic load cases.
  2. Assess working envelope by importing exact designs from CAD and FEM software.
  3. Integrate electric and hydraulic designs with models of mechanical linkages.
  4. Explore the entire design space by running simulations in parallel.
  5. Size powertrain components appropriately for both propulsion and lift mechanisms.
  6. Increase efficiency by simultaneously tuning design parameters in any system.
  7. Test impact of faulty and degraded components using virtual tests.
  8. Design and test control logic against all safety requirements.
  9. Validate automated driving algorithms in virtual industrial complexes.
  10. Test your embedded software against a virtual system using HIL simulation.

Import Mechanical Data

Integrate CAD and FEM with electrical, hydraulic, and control systems.

Boom Lift, CAD Import

Boom lift, CAD import.

Boom Lift, Full Test Sequence

Boom lift, full test sequence.

Boom Lift, Flexible Boom

Boom lift, flexible boom.

Explore Design Space

Find the optimal design by using MATLAB to vary any design parameter.

Scissor Lift, Explore Vehicle Size

Scissor lift, explore vehicle size.

Scissor Lift, Explore Actuator Location

Scissor lift, explore actuator location.

Scissor Lift, Explore Test Scenarios

Scissor lift, explore test scenarios.

Design Actuation Systems

Determine power and force requirements in complex mechanisms.

Boom Lift, Basket Leveling System

Boom lift, basket leveling system.

Boom Lift, Outrigger Actuators

Boom lift, boom pulley mechanism.

Boom Lift, Basket Rotational Actuator

Boom lift, basket rotational actuators.

Test Control Logic

Ensure your system always fulfills regulations, from early designs to HIL tests.

Boom Lift, Alignment Control Logic

Boom lift, alignment control logic.

Boom Lift, Outrigger Actuators

Boom lift, outrigger actuators.

Boom Lift, Worm Gear Mechanism

Boom lift, worm gear mechanism.