MATLAB and Simulink Projects

Managing Projects in MATLAB and Simulink

Organize your work, automate tasks and processes, and collaborate with your team

MATLAB® and Simulink® enable you to manage projects by quickly organizing required files, performing common operations consistently through automation, and integrating with source control. With projects in MATLAB and Simulink, you can:

  • Set and manage project paths across teams
  • Analyze your project and check required files using the Dependency Analysis view
  • Create, store, and easily access common operations
  • Track and control changes using built-in integration with Git™, Subversion® (SVN), or using external source control tools
  • Upgrade project files and models in Simulink to the latest release

Automate tasks, Processes, and File Management

You can configure a project to run, load, and open files when you open a project, and clean up when you close the project. The project manages the path for you so that you can find and run the right files. You can find and share frequent operations by making them project shortcuts.

You can also use the Project API to create a new project and automate project tasks for manipulating files, including working with modified files, dependencies, shortcuts, and labels.

1.	Automate tasks, Processes, and File Management

Analyze Dependencies and the Impact of File Changes

You can run dependency analysis to analyze the structure of a project and discover required files. The Impact View allows you to find the impact of changing individual files visually. Problems such as missing files, files not in the project, unsaved changes, and out-of-date derived files can be identified and resolved with the Impact View.

Integrate with Source Control

Projects enable to you to perform operations such as update, commit, merge changes, view revision history, and manage conflicts directly from the Project environment.

Projects integrate with two source control systems, Git and Subversion (SVN). Simulink projects can also be integrated with third-party tools like Perforce P4SL, TFS, and Polarion with out-of-the-box adapters.

Integrate with Source Control

Distributed source control workflow (for ex: using Git). 

Componentize Project Development and Testing

Project hierarchy illustrates the use of parent and referenced projects as components of a large project

Componentize Project Development and Testing

MATLAB supports large-scale project componentization by allowing you to reference other projects from a parent project. Organizing large projects into components facilitates code reuse, modular and team-based development, testing, and independent release of components.

Projects can reference multiple other projects in a hierarchical manner.

From a parent project, you can:

  • Access the project paths, entry-point shortcuts, and source control information for all referenced projects.
  • View, edit, and run files that belong to a referenced project.
  • Detect changes in referenced projects using checkpoints.

Maintain Your Project Across MATLAB and Simulink Releases

The Upgrade tool upgrades Simulink models to the latest release and makes recommendations for your MATLAB code. The Upgrade Project tool automatically applies fixes to Simulink models when possible. The tool also evaluates MATLAB code and produces a report.

Maintain Your Project Across MATLAB and Simulink Releases