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Antenna and EM Modeling with MATLAB

Antenna and EM Modeling with MATLAB

Written for students and professionals in the field of antenna design, this book demonstrates how to use MATLAB to solve basic radiation/scattering antenna problems in structures that range from simple dipoles to patch antennas and patch antenna arrays. Specialized antenna types like fractal antennas and frequency selective surfaces are considered as well. Finally, the text introduces MATLAB applications to more advanced problems such as broadband and loaded antennas, UWB pulse antennas, and microstrip antenna arrays. MATLAB and the Partial Differential Equation Toolbox are used to solve numerous examples throughout the text. 

About This Book

Sergey N. Makarov, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2002

ISBN: 0-471-21876-6
Language: English

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