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MATLAB Fundamentals, or equivalent experience using MATLAB

Accelerating and Parallelizing MATLAB Code

This two-day course covers a variety of techniques for making your MATLAB® code run faster. You will identify and remove computational bottle-necks using techniques like preallocation and vectorization. In addition, you will compile MATLAB code into MEX-files using MATLAB Coder. On top of that, you will take advantage of multiple cores on your computer by parallelizing for-loops with Parallel Computing Toolbox, and scale up across multiple computers using MATLAB Parallel Server. Interplay between those concepts will be explored throughout the course. If you are working with long-running simulations, you will benefit from the hands-on demonstrations and exercises in the course. Topics include:

  • Improving performance within core MATLAB
  • Generating MEX-files
  • Parallelizing computations
  • Offloading execution
  • Working with clusters
  • GPU computing

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Course Schedule

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Dates Location Language Price Register
23 Sep 2019-
24 Sep 2019
Korea (Republic Of), Gangnam, Seoul Korean KRW 900,000
03 Oct 2019-
04 Oct 2019
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. US Eastern Daylight Time
English USD 1,500
12 Nov 2019-
13 Nov 2019
Netherlands, Eindhoven English EUR 1,400
21 Nov 2019-
22 Nov 2019
Germany, München (Ismaning) German EUR 1,400
05 Dec 2019-
06 Dec 2019
Japan, 名古屋市 Japanese JPY 140,000
Results 1 - 6 of 6

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