What Is MATLAB Home?

MATLAB Home provides the same power of MATLAB that is available to engineers and scientists for your personal use. Whether you are a hobbyist or a lifelong learner, with MATLAB Home you can not only have more fun with your projects, but also make them easier. MATLAB Home includes MATLAB and provides the flexibility to choose from more than 50 domain specific add-ons, including Simulink®. There are numerous applications for MATLAB Home. Let’s see how people are using it for their personal projects.

Hi, I’m a hobbyist! I use MATLAB to create 3D prints based off of equations and data. One of my recent fun projects was to use MATLAB’s built-in functions to create a surface plot and then generate an STL file in order to create the 3D print of the L-shaped membrane – which is the MathWorks logo.

MATLAB makes it easy to generate an STL file for the surface plot. With built-in functions in MATLAB, you can create a triangular mesh on the surface plot, add thickness to it, and convert it into an STL file. You can 3D print this file at your nearest maker space.

I built an intruder detection system using MATLAB, Image Processing Toolbox™, and a webcam. Using webcams and MATLAB, you can capture and process live images and video. The intruder detection system shows the reference image on the left - an empty room before anyone has entered it. I set up a loop, and with every iteration a new snapshot is taken and compared with the reference image to detect any changes. If no intruder is present, the new image and the reference image are the same and the difference threshold is blank. However, with the presence of an intruder, the images are compared and the differences are highlighted in red in the screen on the right. In this case, you can find out if someone borrows anything without asking.

Hi, I’m a hardware enthusiast! With MATLAB Home, you can easily connect to hardware. You can run algorithms developed in Simulink autonomously on low-cost target hardware like Arduino®, LEGO MINDSTORMS®, and Raspberry Pi™. This means you can design algorithms for projects like control systems, robotics, audio processing, and computer vision and run them directly on hardware. I used Simulink to autonomously control a LEGO MINDSTORM robot and make it follow a pre-defined path.

So if you want to apply the power of MATLAB to your hobbies and projects, get started with MATLAB Home today.

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