Getting Started with RoadRunner

Using the RoadRunner interactive editor to design 3D scenes for simulating and testing automated driving systems.

  • Build roadway scenes by creating region-specific road signs and markings.
  • Insert signs, signals, guardrails, and road damage, as well as foliage, buildings, and other 3D models.
  • Set and configure traffic signal timing, phases, and vehicle paths at intersections.

RoadRunner Annotated Demonstration Learn about different features in RoadRunner including road and 3D scene modeling, sign creation, and export to external simulators for automated driving simulation.

RoadRunner Signal Editor Use RoadRunner to create and edit traffic signals and signal timing phases for automated driving simulation.

Junction Creation in RoadRunner Demonstration of creating complex junctions in RoadRunner interactive editor.

Lane Marking Creation in RoadRunner Demonstration of creating lane markings including material properties, textures, and lane marking styles.

Creating Custom Junctions in RoadRunner Learn how to create custom junctions in RoadRunner using the Custom Junction tool.

Road Sign Creation with RoadRunner Learn how to create a custom road sign using the Sign Editor tool.

Importing and Exporting Scenes with RoadRunner Learn how to use RoadRunner to import and export openDRIVE files. Make edits to 3D scenes and export them to file formats like FBX and openDRIVE or use them in simulators such as CARLA.