Video and Webinar Series

MATLAB for Agtech Video Series

Agriculture technolology (AgTech) is transforming with the availability of advanced sensors and smarter algorithms. In this video series, explore the use of MATLAB® in AgTech for deep learning, IoT data analytics, machine learning, dynamic population modeling, and image processing.

MATLAB for Plant Classification Discover how to use MATLAB for deep learning in the classification and automatic detection of flowers.

Using ThingSpeak for IoT in Agriculture Explore working with agricultural data from devices such as weather stations and moisture sensors, using ThingSpeak as an IoT analytics platform service.

Machine Learning for Agriculture Learn how to build and evaluate machine learning models using classification and regression techniques for dairy, wine, and agriculture processing and production.

Linking the Species to Grow Dynamic Population Models with MATLAB Learn how to develop dynamic agent-based models of a three-species predetor-prey model using a plug-and-play coding approach.

Image Processing in Agriculture Learn how to use MATLAB for hyperspectral imaging and aerial lidar data processing for terrain classification and vegetation detection in agricultural applications.

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