Video and Webinar Series

Understanding Radar Principles

This video series provides an overview of the concepts related to radar systems. The series covers the radar equation as well as the basic concepts for range, velocity, and direction measurements for FMCW and pulse-Doppler radar systems.

FMCW Radar for Autonomous Vehicles Watch an introduction to FMCW radar and how it can be used to measure range and radial velocity for multiple targets at once.

Measuring Angles with FMCW Learn how multiple antennas are used to determine the azimuth and elevation of an object using FMCW radar.

Understanding the Radar Equation Learn how the radar equation combines several of the main parameters of a radar system in a way that gives you a general understanding of how the system will perform.

Pulse-Doppler Radar Watch an introduction to the concept of pulse-Doppler radar. Learn how to determine range and radial velocity using a series of radar pulses.

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