What Is Signal Processing Toolbox?

Signal processing is essential to a wide range of applications across a variety of industries.

To implement these applications, you often need to:

  • Pre-process and compare signals
  • Design digital filters
  • Transform signals
  • Perform measurements, and
  • Detect patterns and events

Signal Processing Toolbox™ can help you with these tasks. For example, with the Signal Analyzer App, you can easily pre-process and explore long signals in time, frequency, and time-frequency domains -- without writing any code.

With the Filter Designer App, you can design and analyze custom digital filters using an extensive set of FIR and IIR filter designs. 

You can also analyze filter characteristics like group delay, pole zero plot, and impulse response. 

The toolbox also allows you to:

  • Resample non-uniformly sampled signals to a uniform grid
  • Reconstruct signals with missing samples
  • Detect changepoints
  • Find signal similarities and patterns
  • Estimate the power spectra of uniformly and non-uniformly sampled signals, and
  • Obtain signal measurements like pulse metrics, signal to noise ratios, and bandwidths.

You can also:

  • Obtain sharper time-frequency estimates using the Fourier Synchrosqueezed transform, and compute reassigned spectrograms, persistent spectra, and instantaneous frequency.
  • Obtain order maps, track order waveforms, and estimate and track time varying rotational speed.
  • Perform modal analysis for vibrating structures.

You can use all these capabilities to create custom algorithms and analyses to suit your signal processing applications. For more information, return to the product page.