Perform signal processing and analysis

Signal Processing Toolbox™ provides functions and apps to analyze, preprocess, and extract features from uniformly and nonuniformly sampled signals. The toolbox includes tools for filter design and analysis, resampling, smoothing, detrending, and power spectrum estimation. The toolbox also provides functionality for extracting features like changepoints and envelopes, finding peaks and signal patterns, quantifying signal similarities, and performing measurements such as SNR and distortion. You can also perform modal and order analysis of vibration signals.

With the Signal Analyzer app you can preprocess and analyze multiple signals simultaneously in time, frequency, and time-frequency domains without writing code; explore long signals; and extract regions of interest. With the Filter Designer app you can design and analyze digital filters by choosing from a variety of algorithms and responses. Both apps generate MATLAB® code.


Signal Exploration

Explore signals in time, frequency, and time-frequency domains without writing code.

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Signal Preprocessing

Denoise, smooth, and resample signals to prepare them for further analysis.

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Feature Extraction and Signal Measurements

Extract distinctive features of signals and perform measurements.

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Digital and Analog Filters

Design, analyze, and implement a variety of digital FIR and IIR filters.

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Time-Frequency and Spectral Analysis

Characterize the frequency content of stationary and nonstationary signals.

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Vibration Analysis

Perform vibration analysis of rotational machinery and modal analysis of structures.

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