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List of files from directories/files list or browser

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Returns cell array of file names, needed by various functions.

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This functions goal generate a cell array of file names, needed by the calling functions. The input should be a cell array with directories including the files or files name. The function also supports input of a single directory name string, or a single file name string. In the late two cases, each file is tested for existence. Absolute file path is used thus replacing the relative path. Alternatively, the user can choose the files or directories including files using the OS explorer- by enabling the 'flagGUI' input.

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Nikolay S.

Nikolay S. (view profile)

Hi Vaj.
Thanks for the grade and comment. I think the dots cause the problem (fileparts assumes dot separates file name and extension), but I'll try resolving this.


Vaj (view profile)

I have noticed that there are troubles with folders named like dates. For example folder named 9.8.2014 will not be on the list.
Otherwise great code. Thank you.



Some bug fixes...


Some bug fixes and service functions update


Some changes were made: new features, bugs removed, some code style improvements...

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