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Applied Civil Engineering Risk Analysis, 2nd edition

Applied Civil Engineering Risk Analysis, 2nd edition retains its introduction to applied fundamental statistics, probability, reliability, and decision theory as these pertain to problems in Civil Engineering. This new edition adds an expanded treatment of systems reliability, Bayesian methods, and spatial variability, along with additional example problems throughout. The book provides readers with the tools needed to determine the probability of failure, and when multiplied by the consequences of failure, illustrates how to assess the risk of civil engineering problems. Presenting methods for quantifying uncertainty that exists in engineering analysis and design, with an emphasis on fostering more accurate analysis and design, the text is ideal for students and practitioners of a range of civil engineering disciplines.


  • Expands on the class-tested pedagogy from the first edition with more material and more examples
  • Broadens understanding with simulations coded in MATLAB
  • Features new chapters on spatial variability and Bayesian methods
  • Emphasizes techniques for estimating the influence of uncertainty on the probability of failure

About This Book

Robb Moss, California Polytechnic State University

Springer International Publishing, 2020

ISBN: 9783030226794
Language: English

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