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Applied Mathematics for Engineers, 6th edition

Applied Mathematics for Engineers, 6th edition provides comprehensive knowledge of fundamental ideas and methods of applied mathematics utilized in various engineering disciplines. Each topic is covered in great detail, followed by meticulously worked-out examples, as well as a problem set containing a large number of additional related exercises. The book emphasizes on engineering applications to familiarize the reader with the physical laws and proper engineering terminology. 

The book is divided into three major parts: The first part covers complex analysis, ordinary and partial differential equations, Laplace transformation, and Fourier analysis. The second part presents a detailed coverage of matrix analysis and matrix eigenvalue problem. The third part is devoted to numerical methods with applications in various engineering disciplines. MATLAB is introduced and used to perform symbolic, graphical, and numerical tasks, ranging from basic curve fitting of data to numerical solution of initial-value problems and partial differential equations.  


  • Comprehensible pedagogy
  • In-depth presentation of each topic
  • Detailed solutions of examples and case studies
  • Large set of exercises/projects for each topic
  • MATLAB user-defined functions for most methods

The book also includes examples of the Symbolic Math Toolbox.

About This Book

Ramin S. Esfandiari, California State University

Atlantis Publishing Company, 2021

ISBN: 9780972999090
Language: English

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