Teach with MATLAB and Simulink

Faculty across all levels of chemistry courses are incorporating quantitative thinking as a critical skill for students to learn. In addition to making sure students learn the discipline-specific chemistry concepts and associated mathematics, courses at the undergraduate and higher levels are also teaching computation – such as how to access, visualize, and analyze data, and the skills required to accomplish these tasks. Instructors choose MATLAB because students can get started easily, work in a single platform, and quickly find helpful resources.

Teaching computation and domain knowledge in a single course is challenging, and thus, requires some forethought and a well-organized course framework. Also necessary are problem sets and other resources, such as videos, for students to learn required foundation material and develop necessary programming skills.

Introducing MATLAB to Students

Tools and Code Examples

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Course Curricula

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Additional Resources

Teach with Live Editor

Combine code, output, and formatted text to create an interactive, executable narrative.

Visualize the 3-D Structure of a Molecule

Import protein information from the Protein Data Bank repository.