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Waveforms to Detections: Radar System Design and Data Synthesis


In this webinar, we will discuss simulation capabilities of an end-to-end radar system. We will elaborate on three level of simulation abstraction:

  • Power-level for link budget analysis considering environmental effects and clutter.
  • Measurement-level for scenario analysis and tracker design
  • Waveform-level for end-to-end system performance analysis in a realistic environment, including terrain through Digital Terrain Elevation Data (DTED).

Multifunction radar and Artificial Intelligence (AI) use-cases will be introduced using typical examples. Finally, we will demonstrate user-friendly apps dedicated to radar and scenario design.


  • Interactive link budget analysis and design trade-offs exploration with the Radar Designer App
  • Generate radar scenarios including atmospheric effects and terrain.
  • Model and simulate a search & track radar (multifunction)
  • Use AI for radar signal classification.

About the Presenter

Romain Duval obtained an engineering degree in Physics specialty Materials Sciences for Micro & Nano-Electronics and a Master of Research in Micro and Nano-Systems from Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Toulouse (INSA) in France in 2010.

After graduating, he worked for almost 12 years at National Instruments France as an application engineer focusing on radiofrequency systems for aerospace defense and the semiconductor industry.

He also worked as a system/IVV engineer at Thales LAS before joining MathWorks in August 2023.

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