RF Toolbox


RF Toolbox

Design, model, and analyze networks of RF components


Read and write N-port Touchstone® files. Visualize S-parameter data on cartesian, polar, or Smith charts. Convert among network parameter formats, single-ended measurements into differential formats, and more. De-embed measured 2N-port S-parameter data to remove the effects of test fixtures and access structures.

RF Budget Analysis

Determine system-level specs of RF transceivers for wireless communications and radar systems. Analyze the noise, power, gain, and nonlinearity budget for a cascade of RF components. Use harmonic balance to accurately analyze non-linear effects. Inspect results numerically and graphically.

Rational Fitting

Fit frequency domain data, such as S-parameters, and extract and analyze equivalent poles and zeros. Check and enforce passivity and causality. Use the resulting object for time-domain simulation in RF Blockset, SerDes Toolbox, or export it as an equivalent SPICE netlist or Verilog-A module.

RF Network Design

Design RF circuits such as filters and matching networks using lumped RLC elements, transmission lines characterized by physical properties, or measured S-parameters. Select RF passive RLC components by vendor and value from the substrate scalable Modelithics® libraries.

“High-throughput, low-latency passive copper cables and active optical cables play a vital role in high-performance computing, providing interconnections between the tens, hundreds, or even thousands of nodes in a high-performance computing cluster… The S-Parameter Compliance Tool automates many manual processing steps, calculates decibel loss and other performance metrics, and generates a comprehensive report in Microsoft® Excel® format with detailed results and graphs. I estimate that development time would have been five to 10 times longer without the built-in functionality provided by MATLAB and RF Toolbox."

Rupert Dance, Software Forge

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