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Automatic Code Generation: Technology Adoption Lessons Learned from Commercial Vehicle Case Studies

By Tom Erkkinen, MathWorks, and Scott Breiner, John Deere

Using Model-Based Design, engineers model complex systems and simulate them in a desktop environment for analysis and design purposes. With Model-Based Design, the functional behavior of the model needs to match that of the generated code. As a result, the transformation of models into generated code must include deployment and real-time artifacts to ensure that the code executes properly in the final software and hardware environments.

Organizations moving to Model-Based Design from traditional waterfall processes that involve paper documents and hand code face challenges familiar to those who have followed other technology migrations, such as moving from drafting tables to CAD systems or from assembly language to C code.

This paper describes how John Deere adopted Model-Based Design for commercial vehicle development and discusses the benefits and lessons learned.

This paper was presented at the SAE 2007 Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress.

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Published 2007

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