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Large-Scale Modeling for Embedded Applications

By Kerry Grand, Vinod Reddy, Gen Sasaki, and Eric Dillaber, MathWorks

As the demand for high-integrity and mission-critical embedded software intensifies, many organizations have adopted Model-Based Design to overcome the challenges associated with design complexity, reliability, quality, and time-to-market for embedded-systems development. The breadth and scope of projects applying Model-Based Design continues to increase rapidly, resulting in models that are exceptionally large and complex. Consequently, project teams have increased in size, increasing the need for communication and collaboration. Model-Based Design facilitates parallel development in large-scale modeling projects by enabling multiple project teams to independently design models, integrate them with others, generate production code, and verify different model components within a larger collaborative infrastructure. This paper recommends best practices for creating an infrastructure and deploying large-scale models for embedded applications using Model-Based Design.

Copyright © 2010 by The MathWorks, Inc. Published by SAE International, with permission.

This paper was presented at SAE World Congress.

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Published 2010

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