Hardware Support

Ocean Optics Spectrometer Support from Instrument Control Toolbox

Acquire data and control Ocean Optics spectrometers with MATLAB.

MATLAB supports Ocean Optics USB spectrometers. Ocean Optics manufactures a broad line of USB powered spectrometers covering the visible, near IR and UV portions of the spectrum. These spectrometers can be used from MATLAB on Microsoft® Windows® and Linux® platforms.

Instrument Control Toolbox support for Ocean Optics spectrometers lets you use MATLAB for comprehensive control of any spectrometer that is supported by the Ocean Optics OmniDriver software (version 2.12 or higher). With the support, you can perform hundreds of tasks in MATLAB, including:

  • Acquire a spectrum
  • Set the integration time
  • Enable dark current and non-linear spectral corrections
  • View all connected devices

You must install the Ocean Optics Omni Driver to use Ocean Optics spectrometers from MATLAB. To get the driver, see the Third-Party requirements on the right side of this page.

Devices supported include:


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S2000 Spectrometer QE65000 Scientific-Grade Spectrometer
USB650 Spectrometer NIR-512 Near-IR Spectrometer
USB2000 Spectrometer NIR256-2.1 and NIR256-2.5 Near-IR Spectrometers
USB2000+ Spectrometer NIRQuest Model Spectrometers
USB2000-FLG Spectrometer Torus Spectrometer
USB4000 Spectrometer Maya2000 Spectrometer
HR2000 High-resolution Spectrometer Maya2000 Pro Spectrometer
HR2000+High-resolution Spectrometer MMS Raman Spectrometer
HR4000 High-resolution Spectrometer
ARCoptix ANIR Series FTS Spectrometers
Jaz System
STS Spectrometer