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Show or hide angle span between two markers



showSpan(p,id1,id2) displays the angle span between two angle markers, id1 and id2. The angle span is calculated counterclockwise.

showSpan(p,id1,id2,true) automatically reorders the angle markers such that the initial angle span is less than or equal to 180° counterclockwise.

showSpan(p,vis) sets angle span visibility by setting vis to true or false.

showSpan(p) toggles the angle span display on and off.

d = showSpan(___) returns angle span details in a structure, d using any of the previous syntaxes.


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Create a dipole antenna and plot the directivity at 270 MHz.

d = dipole;
D = pattern(d,270e6,0,0:1:360);
p = polarpattern(D);

Add cursors to the polar plot at approximately 60 and 150 degrees.

addCursor(p,[60 150]);

Show the angle span between the two angles.


Input Arguments

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Polar plot, specified as a polarpattern object.

Example: polarpattern

Cursor or peak marker identifiers, specified as character vector. Adding cursors to the polar plot creates cursor marker identifiers. Adding peaks to the polar plot creates peak marker identifiers.

Example: showspan(p,'C1','C2'). Displays the angle span between cursors, C1 and C2 in polar plot, p.

Version History

Introduced in R2016a