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Audio Processing Algorithm Design

Audio processing tools, algorithm design and modularization, stream processing

Audio System Toolbox™ is optimized for real-time audio stream processing. Use these features individually or as part of a larger algorithm to create effects, analyze signals, and process audio.


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designVarSlopeFilterDesign variable slope lowpass or highpass IIR filter
designParamEQDesign parametric equalizer
designShelvingEQDesign shelving equalizer
fdesign.parameqParametric equalizer filter specification

System Objects

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compressorDynamic range compressor
expanderDynamic range expander
limiterDynamic range limiter
noiseGateDynamic range gate
reverberatorAdd reverberation to audio signal
crossoverFilterAudio crossover filter
multibandParametricEQMultiband parametric equalizer
graphicEQStandards-based graphic equalizer
octaveFilterOctave-band and fractional octave-band filter
weightingFilterFrequency-weighted filter


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CompressorDynamic range compressor
ExpanderDynamic range expander
LimiterDynamic range limiter
Noise GateDynamic range gate
ReverberatorAdd reverberation to audio signal
Crossover FilterAudio crossover filter
Weighting Filter Weighted frequency response filter
Octave FilterOctave-band and fractional octave-band filter
Parametric EQ FilterSecond-order parametric equalizer filter
Graphic EQStandards-based graphic equalizer


Real-Time Audio in MATLAB

Create a script to process and analyze real time audio signals.

Real-Time Audio in Simulink

Create a model using the Simulink® templates and blocks for audio processing.


Understand the foundations of audio equalization and how equalizers are implemented in Audio System Toolbox.

Dynamic Range Control

Understand the foundations of dynamic range control and how compressors, limiters, expanders, and noise gates are implemented in Audio System Toolbox.

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