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Compute subevent length of CIS

Since R2023b



    seLength = subeventLength(cfgCIS,phyMode) computes the subevent length based on the Bluetooth® low energy (LE) connected isochronous group (CIS) configuration, cfgCIS, and the generating or decoding physical layer (PHY) mode, phyMode.


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    Create a CIS configuration object, specifying the number of subevents and maximum number of data octets that a CIS PDU can carry.

    cfgCIS = bluetoothLECISConfig(NumSubevents=2,MaxPDU=216)
    cfgCIS = 
      bluetoothLECISConfig with properties:
           ISOInterval: 0.0200
          NumSubevents: 2
           SubInterval: []
           BurstNumber: 1
                MaxPDU: 216
          FlushTimeout: 1
        CISArrangement: "sequential"
       Read-only properties:
         AccessAddress: []
                 CISID: []
             CISOffset: []

    Calculate the subevent length of the CIS configuration operating in the LE1M PHY mode. Note that in LE1M PHY mode, the maximum protocol data unit (PDU) size in the Central to Peripheral and Peripheral to Central directions is 251 bits.

    ans = 0.0039

    Input Arguments

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    Bluetooth LE CIS configuration object, specified as a bluetoothLECISConfig object.

    Generating or decoding PHY mode, specified as "LE125K", "LE500K", "LE1M", or "LE2M".

    Data Types: char | string

    Output Arguments

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    Subevent length, returned as a positive scalar. Units are in seconds. This output returns the sum of the maximum payload transmission time from the Central node to the Peripheral node, maximum payload transmission time from the Peripheral node to the Central node, interframe spacing, and minimum subevent spacing. For more information about this output, see Bluetooth Core Specification v5.3 [2], Volume 6, Part B, Section

    Data Types: double


    [1] Bluetooth Technology Website. “Bluetooth Technology Website | The Official Website of Bluetooth Technology.” Accessed May 22, 2023.

    [2] Bluetooth Core Specifications Working Group. "Bluetooth Core Specification" v5.3.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2023b