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System object: comm.OFDMModulator
Package: comm

Provide dimensioning information for the OFDM method


Y = info(H)


Y = info(H) provides data dimensioning information for the OFDM modulator System object™, H. It returns the expected dimensions for the:

  • Input data array

  • Pilot data array

  • Output data array

The output, Y, is a structure containing the following three fields.


Dimensions of the modulator input data, Ndata-by-Nsym-by-Nt, where Ndata is the number of data subcarriers such that Ndata = NFFT − NleftG − NrightG − NDCNull − Npilot − NcustNull.

Variable Definitions

NFFTNumber of subcarriers
NleftGNumber of subcarriers in the left guard band
NrightGNumber of subcarriers in the right guard band
NDCNullNumber of subcarriers in the DC null (either 0 or 1)
NpilotNumber of pilot subcarriers
NcustNullNumber of subcarriers used for custom nulls (applies only when the pilot indices property is a 3-D array)
NtNumber of transmit antennas

Dimensions of the pilot input array, Npilot-by-Nsym-by-Nt.


Dimensions of the modulator output data, (NFFT + NCP)×Nsym-by-Nt, where NCP is the length of the cyclic prefix.