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Configure Driver and Data Source

Database Toolbox™ enables you to create a connection to a database installed on a machine or located in the cloud. You can connect to relational databases using ODBC and JDBC drivers, or you can connect to some databases using native interfaces. This topic provides information about configuring a driver and creating a data source for connecting to a relational database using a driver. For details about connecting to a database using a native interface, see Connection Options.

To connect to an installed database, first install the driver. For all databases, define a data source for an ODBC or JDBC driver. If you do not have an installed database and want to store relational data quickly, you can use the MATLAB® interface to SQLite. For details, see Interact with Data in SQLite Database Using MATLAB Interface to SQLite.

ODBC uses a Data Source Name (DSN) that is the logical name to refer to the driver and other required information for accessing data. This name is used to connect to an ODBC data source, such as a Microsoft® SQL Server® database.

Configure Driver and Create Data Source

Find your database environment in the following table by choosing your platform across the top and your database on the left. The link brings you to a page that has all the required steps for connecting to your database.

For ODBC-compliant or JDBC-compliant databases that are not listed in the table, see Other ODBC-Compliant or JDBC-Compliant Databases.


The ODBC database connection on the Linux and macOS platform does not support the following:

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