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Programmatic Code Generation Verification

Test numerical equivalence with code generation verification programming interface

With the Code Generation Verification (CGV) API, you can:

  • Run the model in different simulation modes, including software-in-the-loop (SIL) and processor-in-the-loop (PIL).

  • Compare results from different simulations.

  • Test the numerical equivalence of your model and generated code for a given set of inputs. The completeness of the input data that you provide to the CGV API determines the validity of your tests.

Simulink® Test™ is a separate product that provides additional capabilities for SIL and PIL testing, for example, test sequence construction and test management.


cgv.CGVRepresent a model as a code generation verification object that has methods to configure and execute a model in a variety of simulation modes to automate verification of numerical equivalence of executing the generated code
cgv.ConfigCheck and modify model configuration parameter values