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Master Licenses

What Is a Master License?

In MathWorks® software licensing, all your licenses fall under a single Master License. A Master License enables you to organize MathWorks licenses for easy administration and renewal. A Master License has these characteristics:

  • Can have one or multiple licenses, each of which can have different license options.

  • Can have one administrator or multiple administrators, each of whom can centrally manage all licenses within a Master License.

Benefits of a Master License

A Master License:

  • Presents a summarized view of all products across multiple licenses.

  • Provides a single Software Maintenance Service renewal for all licenses within the Master License.

  • Offers flexibility for how you prefer to organize your licenses.

Master License Organization

You can choose to organize all your licenses under a single Master License or have multiple separate Master Licenses (some restrictions may apply; contact Customer Support to find out more about your Master License). Your choice depends on your preference for centralized administration, purchasing, and renewal cycle.

  • A Master License provides a single Software Maintenance Service renewal for all licenses within the Master License. If you want to receive a single renewal quote, put all your licenses in one Master License.

  • Multiple Master Licenses can accommodate multiple budgetary or purchasing cycles, confine administrators access to only their licenses, and distinguish between groups of licenses such as those for different departments.

To access your Master License, visit the License Center.

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