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Animating plots


moviePlay recorded movie frames
getframeCapture axes or figure as movie frame
frame2imReturn image data associated with movie frame
im2frameConvert image to movie frame
animatedlineCreate animated line
addpointsAdd points to animated line
getpointsReturn points that define animated line
clearpointsClear points from animated line
comet2-D comet plot
comet33-D comet plot
drawnowUpdate figures and process callbacks
refreshdataRefresh data in graph when data source is specified


AnimatedLine PropertiesLine animation appearance and behavior


Animation Techniques

You can use three basic techniques for creating animations in MATLAB®.

Trace Marker Along Line

This example shows how to trace a marker along a line by updating the data properties of the marker.

Line Animations

This example shows how to create an animation of two growing lines.

Move Group of Objects Along Line

This example shows how to move a group of objects together along a line using transforms.

Animate Graphics Object

This example shows how to animate a triangle looping around the inside of a circle by updating the data properties of the triangle.

Creating Stream Particle Animations

A stream particle animation is useful for visualizing the flow direction and speed of a vector field. The particles trace the flow along a particular stream line.

Record Animation for Playback

These examples show how to record animations as movies that you can replay.

Animating a Surface

This example shows how to animate a surface.