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Generate ellipsoid


[x,y,z] = ellipsoid(xc,yc,zc,xr,yr,zr,n)
[x,y,z] = ellipsoid(xc,yc,zc,xr,yr,zr)


[x,y,z] = ellipsoid(xc,yc,zc,xr,yr,zr,n) generates a surface mesh described by three n+1-by-n+1 matrices, enabling surf(x,y,z) to plot an ellipsoid with center (xc,yc,zc) and semi-axis lengths (xr,yr,zr).

[x,y,z] = ellipsoid(xc,yc,zc,xr,yr,zr) uses n = 20.

ellipsoid(axes_handle,...) plots into the axes with handle axes_handle instead of the current axes (gca).

ellipsoid(...) with no output arguments plots the ellipsoid as a surface.


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Generate data for an ellipsoid with a center at (0,0,0) and semi-axis lengths (5.9,3.25,3.25). Use surf to plot the ellipsoid.

[x, y, z] = ellipsoid(0,0,0,5.9,3.25,3.25,30);
surf(x, y, z)
axis equal


ellipsoid generates the data using the following equation:


Note that ellipsoid(0,0,0,.5,.5,.5) is equivalent to a unit sphere.

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