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Tetrahedron mesh plot


h = tetramesh(...)


tetramesh(T,X,c) displays the tetrahedrons defined in the m-by-4 matrix T as mesh. T is usually the output of a Delaunay triangulation of a 3-D set of points. A row of T contains indices into X of the vertices of a tetrahedron. X is an n-by-3 matrix, representing n points in 3 dimension. The tetrahedron colors are defined by the vector C, which is used as indices into the current colormap.

tetramesh(T,X) uses C = 1:m as the color for the m tetrahedra. Each tetrahedron has a different color (modulo the number of colors available in the current colormap).

tetramesh(TR) displays the tetrahedra in a triangulation representation.

h = tetramesh(...) returns a vector of tetrahedron handles. Each element of h is a handle to the set of patches forming one tetrahedron. You can use these handles to view a particular tetrahedron by turning the patch 'Visible' property 'on' or 'off'.

tetramesh(...,'param','value','param','value'...) allows additional patch property name/property value pairs to be used when displaying the tetrahedrons. For example, the default transparency parameter is set to 0.9. You can overwrite this value by using the property name/property value pair ('FaceAlpha',value) where value is a number between 0 and 1. See Patch Properties for information about the available properties.


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Generate a 3-D Delaunay triangulation, then use tetramesh to visualize the tetrahedrons.

d = [-1 1];
[x,y,z] = meshgrid(d,d,d); % a cube
x = [x(:);0];
y = [y(:);0];
z = [z(:);0];

[x,y,z] are corners of a cube plus the center.

DT = delaunayTriangulation(x,y,z);

Introduced before R2006a