Size and order of MPC Controller


mpc_obj_size = size(MPCobj)
mpc_obj_size = size(MPCobj,signal_type)


mpc_obj_size = size(MPCobj) returns a row vector specifying the number of manipulated inputs and measured controlled outputs of an MPC controller. This row vector contains the elements [ nu nym], where nu is the number of manipulated inputs and nym is the number of measured controlled outputs.

mpc_obj_size = size(MPCobj,signal_type) returns the number of signals of the specified type that are associated with the MPC controller.

You can specify signal_type as one of the following:

  • 'uo' — Unmeasured controlled outputs

  • 'md' — Measured disturbances

  • 'ud' — Unmeasured disturbances

  • 'mv' — Manipulated variables

  • 'mo' — Measured controlled outputs

size(MPCobj) displays the size information for all the signal types of the MPC controller.

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Introduced before R2006a