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Create a MATLAB Production Server Python Client

You can call a MATLAB® function deployed to MATLAB Production Server™ from a Python® client application. To create a Python client:

  1. Install the MATLAB Production Server client runtime files.

    For details, see Install the MATLAB Production Server Python Client.

  2. In consultation with the MATLAB programmer, collect the MATLAB function signatures that comprise the services in the application.

  3. Write Python code to instantiate a connection to a MATLAB Production Server instance.

    For different ways to create a connection, see Create Client Connection.

  4. Create the required MATLAB data for function inputs and outputs.

    For using arrays as function arguments, see matlab Python Module. For other data types, see Pass Data Between MATLAB Production Server and Python.

  5. Evaluate the MATLAB functions.

    For more information about ways to call deployed MATLAB functions, see Invoke Packaged MATLAB Functions.

  6. Close the client connection.

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