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Class: slreportgen.finder.DiagramResult
Package: slreportgen.finder

Get diagram reporter


reporter = getReporter(result)


reporter = getReporter(result) returns an reporter for the diagram returned by this report. The diagram reporter adds a snapshot of the diagram to a report. A report or reporter to which you add a diagram result invokes this method to create an image of the diagram that the result contains. If you need to change the size or otherwise customize the diagram image, you can invoke this method to get the diagram reporter. Then, modify the reporter and add the modified diagram reporter to a destination report or reporter.

Input Arguments

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DiagramFinder object, which you create using the slreportgen.finder.DiagramFinder class.

Output Arguments

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Diagram reporter object, returned as an object. The Diagram reporter generates a snapshot image of the diagram.

Introduced in R2017b