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Visualize coordinate axes triad of satellite scenario assets

Since R2023a



coordinateAxes(asset) adds a coordinate axes triad graphic visualization (CoordinateAxes object) for an asset. In the visualization, the x-axis (roll) is red in color, the y-axis (pitch) is green, and z-axis (yaw) is blue.

coordinateAxes(asset,Name=Value) specifies additional arguments using one or more name-value.

ax = coordinateAxes(___) returns the CoordinateAxes object.


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Create a satelliteScenario object.

startTime = datetime(2020,4,25); % April 25, 2020, 12:00 AM UTC
stopTime = datetime(2020,4,26);  % April 26, 2020, 12:00 AM UTC
sampleTime = 60;                 % seconds
sc = satelliteScenario(startTime,stopTime,sampleTime);

Launch a satellite scenario viewer with ShowDetails set to false.

v = satelliteScenarioViewer(sc,ShowDetails=false);


Add a low-earth orbit satellite constellation to the scenario from a TLE file.

tleFile = "leoSatelliteConstellation.tle";
sat = satellite(sc,tleFile);


Add a ground station to the scenario.

gs = groundStation(sc);
gs.ShowLabel = true;


Visualize the coordinate axes triads of the satellites.

ax = coordinateAxes(sat)
ax=1×40 object
  1×40 CoordinateAxes array with properties:


Point the satellites towards the ground station. The coordinate axes triad object updates to represent the new direction of the satellites.



Play the scenario.



Input Arguments

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Satellites, ground stations, platforms, gimbals, conical sensors, transmitters, or receivers, specified as a vector.

Name-Value Arguments

Specify optional pairs of arguments as Name1=Value1,...,NameN=ValueN, where Name is the argument name and Value is the corresponding value. Name-value arguments must appear after other arguments, but the order of the pairs does not matter.

Example: Scale =2 scales the size of the coordinate axes triad visualization by 2.

Satellite scenario viewer, specified as a vector. You view the coordinate axes triad in the viewer specified in this argument.

Scale of the coordinate axes triad graphic, specified as a positive scalar.

Data Types: double

Output Arguments

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Coordinate axes triad, returned as an object.

Version History

Introduced in R2023a