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w = bohmanwin(L)



w = bohmanwin(L) returns an L-point Bohman window in w.


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Compute a 64-point Bohman window. Display the result using wvtool.

L = 64;
bw = bohmanwin(L);

Input Arguments

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Window length, specified as a positive integer.

Data Types: single | double

Output Arguments

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Bohman window, returned as a column vector.


A Bohman window is the convolution of two half-duration cosine lobes. In the time domain, it is the product of a triangular window and a single cycle of a cosine with a term added to set the first derivative to zero at the boundary. Bohman windows fall off as 1/w4.The equation for computing the coefficients of a Bohman window is


where x is a length-L vector of linearly spaced values generated using linspace. The first and last elements of the Bohman window are forced to be identically zero.


[1] harris, fredric j. “On the Use of Windows for Harmonic Analysis with the Discrete Fourier Transform.” Proceedings of the IEEE®. Vol. 66, January 1978, pp. 51–83.

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