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Transforms, Correlation, and Modeling

Cross-correlation, autocorrelation, Fourier, DCT, Hilbert, Goertzel, parametric modeling, linear predictive coding

Signal Processing Toolbox™ provides functions that let you compute correlation, convolution, and transforms of signals. Use the fast Fourier transform to decompose your data into frequency components. Filter signals by convolving them with transfer functions. Use correlation to quantify signal similarities. Use the discrete cosine transform to compress data.


  • Transforms
    Fourier, chirp Z, DCT, Hilbert, cepstrum, Walsh-Hadamard
  • Correlation and Convolution
    Cross-correlation, autocorrelation, cross-covariance, autocovariance, linear and circular convolution
  • Signal Modeling
    Linear prediction, autoregressive (AR) models, Yule-Walker, Levinson-Durbin