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Configure Signals, States, and Parameters

Configure block parameters, signal ranges, initial states, data types, sample time

You can configure the behavior of a model by adjusting settings for block parameters, signals, states, and the entire model. You can use these settings to:

  • Control mathematical model behavior.

  • Simulate system behavior on computer hardware.

  • Control the rate of block execution and the numerical accuracy of simulation.

  • Simulate different initial conditions.


  • Blocks
    Customize block behavior by setting block parameters
  • Signals
    Configure and display signal properties
  • Units in Simulink
    Unit specification and unit conversion functions for Simulink® signals
  • Sample Time
    Control block execution rates; assign discrete, continuous, or hybrid sample time
  • Data Types
    Assign specific data types to signals and block parameters; define enumerations
  • Model, Block, and Port Callbacks
    Execute code for modeling events such as opening a model
  • Model Configuration Sets
    Store configuration parameters for multiple models or model variants