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Test Model Components

Manage component test data, execute test suite in SIL or PIL simulation, configure Model Verification blocks, generate options file for Polyspace® analysis

Analyze and simulate referenced models, subsystems, or atomic subcharts in a model. Isolate a subsystem or a referenced model for testing by extracting it into a harness model. Monitor time-domain signals in your model during simulation, according to specifications that you assign to blocks. Construct signal verifications, and selectively apply them based on the simulation input group. Generate and package options files for analyzing code generated from Simulink® models by using Polyspace. The packed options files are useful when Polyspace analysis of the generated code is performed separately from Simulink. For instance, in a distributed a workflow, the Polyspace analysis might be performed in an environment that does not have Simulink. By using the packed options files,the model specific context of the generated code is preserved.


AssertionCheck whether signal is zero
Check Discrete GradientCheck that absolute value of difference between successive samples of discrete signal is less than specified value
Check Dynamic GapCheck that gap of possibly varying width occurs in range of signal's amplitudes
Check Dynamic Lower BoundCheck that one signal is always less than another signal
Check Dynamic RangeCheck that signal falls inside range of amplitudes that varies from time step to time step
Check Dynamic Upper BoundCheck that one signal is always greater than another signal
Check Input ResolutionCheck that input signal has specified resolution
Check Static GapCheck that gap exists in signal's range of amplitudes
Check Static Lower BoundCheck that signal is greater than (or optionally equal to) static lower bound
Check Static RangeCheck that signal falls inside fixed range of amplitudes
Check Static Upper BoundCheck that signal is less than (or optionally equal to) static upper bound


polyspacePackNGoGenerate and package options files to run Polyspace analysis on code generated from Simulink model (Since R2020b)
pslinkoptionsCreate an options object to customize configuration of a Simulink model, generated code or a S-Function block. Use the object to specify configuration options for these Simulink objects in a Polyspace run from the MATLAB command line