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Property groups for System object display


group = getPropertyGroupsImpl


group = getPropertyGroupsImpl specifies how to display properties in the block dialog of a MATLAB System block. You can specify:

  • Sections — Arrange properties into sections (panel on the MATLAB System block dialog) with matlab.system.display.Section.

  • Section Groups — Arrange properties and sections into groups (tabs on the MATLAB System block dialog) with matlab.system.display.SectionGroup.

  • Order of properties — Specify the order of properties within sections/groups

  • Order of sections — Specify the order of sections within groups.

If you create a section, but that section is not in a section group, its properties appear above the block dialog tab panels.

Run-Time Details

In Simulink®, getPropertyGroupsImpl modifies the MATLAB System block dialog.

If you choose to modify the MATLAB System block dialog from the Mask Editor, the getPropertyGroupsImpl method is removed from the System object. All block dialog customizations are then saved in a supporting XML file: sysObjectName_mask.xml.

In MATLAB®, getPropertyGroupsImpl modifies how properties appear when the System object™ is displayed at the MATLAB command line. getPropertyGroupsImpl defines the order and groupings of properties. If your getPropertyGroupsImpl defines multiple section groups, only properties from the first section group are displayed at the command line. To display properties in other sections, a link is provided at the end of a System object property display. Group titles are also displayed at the command line.

Method Authoring Tips

  • You must set Access = protected for this method.

  • If you include a getPropertyGroupsImpl method but do not list all properties, the excluded properties do not appear in the dialog box.

  • To omit the Main title for the first group of properties, in matlab.system.display.SectionGroup, set TitleSource to 'Auto'.

  • By default if you do not customize this method in your System object, the MATLAB System block dialog displays all public properties in the order specified in the System object class file.

  • To customize property names, add comments above each property. For an example, see System Object to Block Dialog Box Default Mapping.

Output Arguments

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Property groups and sections to pass to the MATLAB System block, specified as an array of matlab.system.display.Section and matlab.system.display.SectionGroup objects.


Customize System Block Dialog Box Programmatically

Version History

Introduced in R2013b