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Customize System Objects for Simulink

Customize System object™ for use in MATLAB System block

The MATLAB System block enables a System object defined in MATLAB® to be used as a block in Simulink®. To control the block appearance or output, or to enable System object usage in a For Each subsystem, use the provided implementation methods to customize your System object. For more information about defining a System object, see Define Basic System Objects or System Objects.


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getIconImplName to display as block icon
getHeaderImplHeader for System object display
getInputNamesImplNames of MATLAB System block input ports
getOutputNamesImplNames of MATLAB System block output ports
getPropertyGroupsImplProperty groups for System object display
getSimulateUsingImplSpecify value for Simulate using parameter
showSimulateUsingImplVisibility of Simulate using parameter
showFiSettingsImplFixed point data type tab visibility for System objects
allowModelReferenceDiscreteSampleTimeInheritanceImplModel reference sample time inheritance status for discrete sample times
getGlobalNamesImplGlobal variable names for MATLAB System block
getDiscreteStateImplDiscrete state property values
getDiscreteStateSpecificationImplDiscrete state size, data type, and complexity
getOutputDataTypeImplData types of output ports
getOutputSizeImplSizes of output ports
getSimulinkFunctionNamesImplRegister Simulink function names used in your System object
getInterfaceImplSet System object as message or data
isOutputComplexImplComplexity of output ports
isOutputFixedSizeImplFixed- or variable-size output ports
processTunedPropertiesImplAction when tunable properties change
propagatedInputComplexityComplexity of input during Simulink propagation
propagatedInputDataTypeData type of input during Simulink propagation
propagatedInputFixedSizeFixed-size status of input during Simulink propagation
propagatedInputSizeSize of input during Simulink propagation
isInputDirectFeedthroughImplDirect feedthrough status of input
outputImplOutput calculation from input or internal state of System object
updateImplUpdate object states based on inputs
createSampleTimeCreate sample time specification object
getSampleTimeImplSpecify sample time type, offset time, and sample time
getSampleTimeQuery sample time
getCurrentTimeCurrent simulation time in MATLAB System block
setNumTicksUntilNextHitSet the number of ticks in Simulink sample time
supportsMultipleInstanceImplSupport System object in Simulink For Each subsystem


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matlab.system.display.IconSpecify custom image as icon for MATLAB System block
matlab.system.display.ActionCreate custom button in Block Parameters dialog box for MATLAB System block
matlab.system.display.HeaderSpecify header in Block Parameters dialog box for MATLAB System block
matlab.system.display.SectionCreate property group section in Block Parameters dialog box for MATLAB System block
matlab.system.display.SectionGroupCreate nested groupings of properties in Block Parameters dialog box for MATLAB System block



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