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Class: Simulink.op.ModelOperatingPoint
Package: Simulink.op

Access operating point of an individual Stateflow chart, MATLAB function, or S-function block


blockOperatingPoint = get(modelOperatingPoint, 'blockpath')


blockOperatingPoint = get(modelOperatingPoint, 'blockpath') returns the operating point of the block specified by blockpath. The blockpath must refer to a Stateflow chart, MATLAB functions, or S-function block. To access states of other types of blocks, see the loggedStates property of the ModelOperatingPoint class.

Input Arguments

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Operating point object for the model.

Path of the block to set the operating point values, specified as a character vector

Output Arguments

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Name of the operating point to be set to the specified block.


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To get the operating point of a block that is in a referenced model, specify the full path of the block relative to the root model.

model = 'sldemo_fuelsys_dd';
opt = struct('SaveFinalState','on','SaveOperatingPoint','on','StopTime','1');
simOut = sim(model,opt);
modelOp = simOut.modelOpFinal;
blockPath = 'sldemo_fuelsys_dd/Fuel Rate Controller|sldemo_fuelsys_dd_controller/control_logic';
chartOp = get(modelOp, blockPath)

This data is read only.

Introduced in R2019a