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Automate Model Advisor Check Execution

Model Advisor batch model execution

You can use the Model Advisor APIs to execute the Model Advisor in batch mode. Create scripts and functions that check one or more systems using the Model Advisor.


Advisor.ApplicationRun Model Advisor across model hierarchy
Advisor.ManagerManage applications


ModelAdvisor.lookupCheckIDLook up Model Advisor check ID
ModelAdvisor.runRun Model Advisor checks on systems
ModelAdvisor.summaryReportOpen Model Advisor Command-Line Summary report
viewView Model Advisor run results for checks
viewReportView Model Advisor run results for systems


Checking Systems Programmatically

Use scripts and functions to run the Model Advisor programmatically.

Find Check IDs

Find Model Advisor check IDs using the check context menus.

Create a Function for Checking Multiple Systems

Create function to run multiple checks on a model.

Check Multiple Systems in Parallel

If you have a Parallel Computing Toolbox™ license and a multicore host machine, you can check multiple systems in parallel.

Create a Function for Checking Multiple Systems in Parallel

To save processing time, create a function to check multiple systems in parallel.

Archive and View Results

After running the Model Advisor programmatically, you can archive and view the results.

Archive and View Model Advisor Run Results

This example shows how to archive and view Model Advisor run results.