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Build Real-Time Application

Real-time application building and downloading

To run a real-time application on a target computer, set the model configuration parameters to values consistent with real-time execution. See Simulink Real-Time Options Pane. To drive the model, create inport data and then build and download the real-time application.


Simulink Real-Time ExplorerInteract with target computer and real-time application running on target computer
Simulink Real-Time TET MonitorMonitor task execution time for the real-time application running on target computer


ApplicationRepresent application files on development computer


getStatusReturn status of root inports stimulation of model on target computer
pausePause stimulation of root inports of model on target computer
reloadDataReload data signal of root inports of model on target computer
slrtExplorerOpen Simulink Real-Time explorer and interact with target computers and real-time applications
slrtTETMonitorOpen Simulink Real-Time task execution time (TET) monitor
startStart stimulation of root inports of model on target computer
stopStop stimulation of root inports of model on target computer
updateRootLevelInportDataReplace external input data in real-time application with input data


Simulink Real-Time Options Pane

Configure initial values for real-time application options.

Select Default Target Computer

Representing target computers with Simulink® Real-Time™ Explorer.

Create and Run Real-Time Application from Simulink Model

Adapt a Simulink model to run as a real-time model on a target computer.

Define and Update Inport Data

Map root inports to source data.

Inport Data Mapping Limitations

Limitations of inport data mapping in Simulink Real-Time.

Configure and Control Real-Time Application by Using Simulink Real-Time Explorer

Use Simulink Real-Time Explorer to run a real-time application and tune parameters.

Control and Update Stimulation of Inports to Real-Time Application

Stimulate the root inports of the application running on target computer.

Reduce Build Time for Simulink Real-Time Referenced Models

Build models in parallel by using Parallel Computing Toolbox™.


Troubleshooting in Simulink Real-Time

Troubleshoot problems that you encounter while using the Simulink Real-Time product