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Install Packaged Board Support

Board support MLTBX files can be installed in a MATLAB® installation to add new hardware boards to the list of supported SoC Blockset™ hardware boards. In the MATLAB environment, an MLTBX file can installed by either clicking on the file or using the matlab.addons.toolbox.installToolbox function. After installing the MLTBX file, the new hardware board can be used in any SoC Blockset simulation.

Generate C/C++ and HDL code and loading it onto a connected hardware board as an SoC application requires third-party tools. The following code shows how to setup third-party tools for the new board support, MyNewBoardSupport.

soc.sdk.setupSoftwareTools('My SoC Board Support')

The third-party tools that will be used are those of the reference board support assigned to the soc.sdk.BoardSupport object.

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