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Bus Signals

Manage large data structures

Create structures to bundle data and access Simulink® bus signals in your Stateflow® charts, truth tables, and MATLAB® function blocks. Define custom structures in C code for integration into your Stateflow chart.


Access Bus Signals Through Stateflow Structures

Define Stateflow structures for input, output, and local access to bus signals.

Index and Assign Values to Stateflow Structures

Access and modify the contents of Stateflow structures.

Integrate Custom Structures in Stateflow Charts

Define custom Stateflow structures in C code.

Connect Structures in MATLAB Functions to Simulink Bus Signals

Access Simulink bus signals within MATLAB functions.

Add Stateflow Data

Define the data that a chart stores internally in its own workspace.

Identify Data by Using Dot Notation

Specify data by its location in the chart hierarchy.

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