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Geometric Distribution

Evaluate and generate random samples from geometric distribution

Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox™ offers multiple ways to work with the geometric distribution.

  • Use distribution-specific functions with specified distribution parameters. The distribution-specific functions can accept parameters of multiple geometric distributions.

  • Use generic distribution functions (cdf, icdf, pdf, random) with a specified distribution name ('Geometric') and parameters.

To learn about the geometric distribution, see Geometric Distribution.


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cdfCumulative distribution function
icdfInverse cumulative distribution function
pdfProbability density function
mleMaximum likelihood estimates
randomRandom numbers
randtoolInteractive random number generation
geocdfGeometric cumulative distribution function
geopdfGeometric probability density function
geoinvGeometric inverse cumulative distribution function
geostatGeometric mean and variance
georndGeometric random numbers


  • Geometric Distribution

    The geometric distribution models the number of failures before one success in a series of independent trials, where each trial results in either success or failure, and the probability of success in any individual trial is constant.