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Design Software Architectures

Author, simulate, and deploy software architectures and generate code

System Composer™ software architectures provide capabilities to author software architectures composed of software components, ports, and interfaces. Use System Composer to design your software architecture model, define the execution order of your functions from your components, simulate your design in the architecture level, and generate code.


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systemcomposer.arch.FunctionSoftware architecture function
systemcomposer.interface.ServiceInterfaceClient-server interface
systemcomposer.interface.FunctionElementFunction in client-server interface
systemcomposer.interface.FunctionArgumentFunction argument in function element in client-server interface


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systemcomposer.createModelCreate System Composer model
createArchitectureModelCreate architecture model from component
createSimulinkBehaviorCreate Simulink behavior and link to component
addFunctionAdd functions to architecture of software component
decreaseExecutionOrderChange function execution order to earlier
increaseExecutionOrderChange function execution order to later
addServiceInterfaceCreate named service interface in interface dictionary
setFunctionPrototypeSet prototype for function element
getFunctionArgumentGet function argument on function element
setAsynchronousSet function element as asynchronous


Functions EditorVisualize and author component functions in software architectures
Interface EditorCreate and author interfaces in local and shared interface data dictionaries
Profile EditorCreate and manage profiles with stereotypes and properties
Parameter EditorAdd, edit, and promote parameters for architectures and components
Architecture Views GalleryCreate and manage architecture views and sequence diagrams
Sequence ViewerVisualize messages, events, states, transitions, and functions