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Function in client-server interface


    A FunctionElement object describes the attributes of a function in a client-server interface systemcomposer.interface.ServiceInterface.


    Create a function element using the addElement function.

    element = addElement(serviceInterface,"f0")


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    Parent service interface of function element, specified as a systemcomposer.interface.ServiceInterface object.

    Function element name, specified as a character vector or string.

    Example: "newFunctionElement"

    Data Types: char | string

    Function prototype to define input and output arguments, specified as a character vector or string.

    Example: "[y1,y2]=f1(u1,u2)"

    Data Types: char | string

    Function arguments, specified as an array of systemcomposer.interface.FunctionArgument objects.

    Universal unique identifier for function element, specified as a character vector.

    Example: '91d5de2c-b14c-4c76-a5d6-5dd0037c52df'

    Data Types: char

    Unique external identifier, specified as a character vector. The external ID is preserved over the lifespan of the function element and through all operations that preserve the UUID.

    Data Types: char

    Object Functions

    setNameSet name for value type, function argument, interface, or element
    setFunctionPrototypeSet prototype for function element
    getFunctionArgumentGet function argument on function element
    destroyRemove model element


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    Create a new model.

    model = systemcomposer.createModel("archModel","SoftwareArchitecture",true)

    Create a service interface.

    interface = addServiceInterface(model.InterfaceDictionary,"newServiceInterface")

    Create a function element.

    element = addElement(interface,"newFunctionElement")

    Set a function prototype to add function arguments.


    Get a function argument.

    argument = getFunctionArgument(element,"y")
    argument = 
      FunctionArgument with properties:
          Interface: [1×1 systemcomposer.interface.ServiceInterface]
            Element: [1×1 systemcomposer.interface.FunctionElement]
               Name: 'y'
               Type: [1×1 systemcomposer.ValueType]
         Dimensions: '1'
        Description: ''
               UUID: '018b4e55-fa8f-4250-ac2b-df72bf620feb'
        ExternalUID: ''

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    Version History

    Introduced in R2022a