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Image and Video Ground Truth Labeling

Interactive image and video labeling, create training data for deep learning with object detection, semantic segmentation, instance segmentation, and image classification

Use the Image Labeler and Video Labeler apps to interactively label a collection of images, a video, or a sequence of images to create training data for deep learning. You can label rectangular regions of interest (ROIs) or polylines, pixels for semantic segmentation, polygons for instance segmentation, and scenes for image classification. The apps also include computer vision algorithms to automate the labeling of ground truth data for use with detection and tracking algorithms. They also provide an API and workflow that enables you to import your own algorithms to automate the labeling of ground truth data.

Image Labeler app also provides an interface for a collaborative multi-user team labeling workflow. You can distribute images for labeling between team members. You can also review the labeled images, provide feedback and track progress for all labeling and review tasks.