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Vehicle Network Toolbox Supported Hardware

Support for third-party hardware

As of this release, Vehicle Network Toolbox™ supports CAN devices indicated in the following table.

To communicate with a CAN device, you must install the required driver and libraries on your system. You can download and install the drivers from your device vendor website, referenced in the table. For deployed applications, ensure that appropriate drivers are installed on the target machine.

Vendor DevicesRequired Vendor DriversPlatform SupportMore Information
Kvaser CAN Devices

"Kvaser Drivers for Windows" or "Kvaser Linux Drivers and SDK" available at Kvaser Downloads.

Windows®, Linux®Kvaser CAN Interface Support
MathWorks® virtual CAN channelsIncluded in toolbox.Windows, LinuxMathWorks Virtual Channels
NI™ NI-XNET CAN Devices“NI-XNET” available at NI-XNET Downloads.WindowsNational Instruments CAN Interface Support
PEAK-System CAN Devices

“Device Driver Setup Windows” available at PEAK-System Drivers.

Drivers are included in Linux Kernel.

Windows, LinuxPEAK-System CAN Interface Support
SocketCAN DevicesFollow instructions from your CAN device manufacturer.Linux

SocketCAN Interface Support

See also Get Started with SocketCAN Devices

Vector CAN Devices"Vector Driver Setup for Windows 10 and 11" available at Vector Download Center.WindowsVector CAN Interface Support

Before September 2023 Vehicle Network Toolbox provided drivers in hardware support packages. All versions of the toolbox now require manual installation of the necessary drivers.

For a complete list of supported hardware, see Hardware Support.