How do I download my MATLAB Student or MATLAB Home products?

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How do I download my MATLAB Student or MATLAB Home products?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 4 Aug 2016
To download MATLAB Student or MATLAB Home, go to the following URL:
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Colin Fraser
Colin Fraser on 9 Jun 2020
While you'll be able to access the software indefinitely, your ability to use it depends on your license type.
If you are on a trial, you are limited to the duration of the trial.
If you have a annual license, you will have until the expiration date of that license.
If you have a perpetual license, you can use the software indefinitely.

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alveena saeed
alveena saeed on 14 Jun 2020
i want to download matlab for study purpose makes her assignment.
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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 14 Jun 2020
If you purchased your license directly, I believe you should have received instructions via email on how to download and install the products you purchased. Check your spam folder to see if the message accidentally got caught. If you haven't received those instructions, contact Customer Service using the telephone icon in the upper-right corner of this page.
If you're using a license provided by your educational institution or your company, I recommend contacting your IT staff (whoever maintains your software licenses) for help installing that license.
If your license is eligible, another option may be to use MATLAB Online.

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Hamed Issa
Hamed Issa on 4 Nov 2020
Good Day dears,
I want to get access to MATLAB online for one week only. If you can help and assist.
Student from Oman
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 4 Nov 2020
Your local customer support representative is possibly Ireland, but you could email

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Muhammad Arshad
Muhammad Arshad on 4 Nov 2020
What is zip code and hiw i get it?

gulsen kilic
gulsen kilic on 2 Dec 2020
Hello everyone. i am student at computer science and i am interested in use MATLAB. but my university has not a license for MATLAB. how can i download MATLAB free? i am waiting your feedback :)

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Danny Kwong
Danny Kwong on 23 Sep 2021
I want get online for everyday only

athambawa mohamed ashraff
athambawa mohamed ashraff on 29 Oct 2021

SV Vicky
SV Vicky on 10 Nov 2021
My university is yet to provide me with the license. Can i download the trial version first and get the free version once I obtained the license?

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hassana on 3 Jun 2022
how can i get a link for a license?

Farid22 on 14 Jun 2022
Edited: Walter Roberson on 14 Jun 2022
Siap pak

Prateek on 8 Dec 2022
login with your account and press GET MATLAB and follow up according to your convenience

SERDAR KAPLAN on 18 Dec 2022
If you have assigned an academy.Check the guide in your academy website to acquire student license affiliated with your account. If not theare are student licenses to buy i guess.


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